App Store Apps

Mobiplex comes empowers you to create app store apps for iOS and Android devices using our Revolution technology.  You can use DNN to manage all of your content.  Responsive sites are great but app store apps will stay with the user at all times.  Every time they look at their phone, they see your brand.  Apps are a great way to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

You can customize the colors of your app store apps even after you publish them using the Skin Painter module.  There is no need to publish a whole new version of your app just because you want to change the look.  You can make all of these change right through DNN!

Mobilplex includes the "App Store Web Apps" solutions included with Revolution.  You can learn more about these products on the DNN store!

Traditionally, custom apps can be very difficult and expensive to create, often costing tens of thousands of dollars per platform.  With our Revolution technology, you can create app store apps for Android and iOS devices at the same time.  There is no need to learn how to code in native languages.

Join the mobile app Revolution with Mobiplex for DNN!

Learn More!

You can learn more about how Revolution can empower you to create app store apps with this video!

With Mobiplex, you can even use custom modules in your app store app.  Any module that fits on a mobile device screen will work.